Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Things to Do List

So, yesterday my brain went a bit mental and started thinking about all the tings I need to do to get Stalker going and making it work. Before I go totally mad, i thought i'd write them all down!!

  • Apply for a stall at the Truman Brewery - DONE!!!
  • Buy domain name of Stalker
  • Get Website sorted
  • Get a list of craft fairs for this year and see about stands at them all
  • Start asking local businesses about sale or return goods to see how it goes - DONE!!
  • Get more stuff listed online until I can afford a website too - DOING NOW!!
  • Look into part-time college courses in Silversmithing, clothes making and leather crafting
  • Spread the Stalker word online, in shop windows, ANYTHING
  • Trawl the charity shops for good, second hand jewellery for re-working
  • Get the hell out of working in an office before my brain compeletely turns to mush!!!

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