Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Finished items

After aIgot all that good stuff at the Bead Show earlier this year, i've FINALLY turned them into something - YAY!

After a looooong abcense (apologies), Stalker is back! Mainly becaue i've lost my job. Again. And can now afford the time to actually sit down and work at Stalker to try and bring some cash in.

And the delightful Jazzy Elizabet has featured one of Stalker's new items on her awesome blog: http://www.hivennn.blogspot.com/ She had over 1 million hits since April this year which i think we can all agree is pretty bloody awesome! And how cool does the skull bead necklace look?! Pretty awesome!

In my last post i promised a pic of the 'studio' at home, so here it is:

I think we can all agree that myself and Sam are not the tidiest of people! lol! Still, a workroom isn't supposed to be tidy so i feel no shame! Ha!Ha!