Monday, 15 March 2010

Bleurgh!!! :(

Ill, ill, ill........ :( Sore through, bad back, dodgy shoulder - will it never end?! I should be tucked up in bed with Danny's Girls of The Playboy Mansion boxset and a hot chocolate. Instead, I am within the dull grey walls of the office, desperately fighting for my job so I'm not made redundant :( I need more people to buy my stuff so I can get out of here!!

On a different note, have been considering a SAGE eving course. I could earn £200 a day as a freelance SAGE person. It would fund Stalker better than this job does and it would mean I could work less hours a week and work more on Stalker.

Still mulling it over.......

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Things to Do List

So, yesterday my brain went a bit mental and started thinking about all the tings I need to do to get Stalker going and making it work. Before I go totally mad, i thought i'd write them all down!!

  • Apply for a stall at the Truman Brewery - DONE!!!
  • Buy domain name of Stalker
  • Get Website sorted
  • Get a list of craft fairs for this year and see about stands at them all
  • Start asking local businesses about sale or return goods to see how it goes - DONE!!
  • Get more stuff listed online until I can afford a website too - DOING NOW!!
  • Look into part-time college courses in Silversmithing, clothes making and leather crafting
  • Spread the Stalker word online, in shop windows, ANYTHING
  • Trawl the charity shops for good, second hand jewellery for re-working
  • Get the hell out of working in an office before my brain compeletely turns to mush!!!

Monday, 8 March 2010

New Pics

While the sun was shining yesterday, i managed to take pictures of pretty much everything that I have ready made. Here's a few:

Friday, 5 March 2010

Places to buy

I've now set up a couple of shops online where you can buy Stalker items:


Indie Mart


I need to get some more pictures done and stuff for sale online.


And it was my 30th on Monday! Sam's mum made me THE most awesome cake - pink and black!

Had a wicked time over the weeken - thanks to everyone for coming to the party on Saturday night and for all the lovely presents and good wishes - much appreciated!!


FINALLY got round to taking some photos of some of my finished jewellery:

This one is a bracelet made with glass beads and silver plated spacer beads on elastic.

These are earrings made with hallmarked sterling silver ear hooks, heart shaped glass foil beads and tibetan silver angel wings

Lovely glass dice earrings with hallmarked sterling silver ear hooks with tibetan silver star spacer beads